September 7th 2018

Today I spent my last free Friday night before I move back in with my parents at a 50-year-old’s birthday party. I could have worded that better. Basically, next weekend I move back in with my parents, and instead of throwing a raging moving-out party on my last weekend in my own house, I went to my mate’s mum’s fiftieth birthday party. To be fair, it was probably wilder than any party I could throw. More people were there too.

Annoyingly, I had to drive both there and back, so I could only stay for a couple of drinks. I managed to make it through the food table a few times though. There was one particular appetiser (basically chicken wrapped in chorizo) that I had about five of. I can still taste the chorizo now.

Recently, I’m really trying to make more of an effort to reignite my social life, and with different groups. I don’t want this blog to feel like I’m continually moaning about it, but since breaking up with Alice, I’ve tried to really make time for my mates. I’m usually not one to “text first” (yeah, that’s still a thing) to try and reconnect, but I think I need it at the moment.

I’ve agreed to go on a golf holiday next month primarily because I want to see all my old Uni mates again. (and also because I want to go on a golf holiday)

Right now it’s important to me to try and make the effort with people. And I’ve traditionally been quite passive with that, and just waited for someone else to organise something or text me. But now I’m attempting to be more of an active friend.

So, I went to a fiftieth birthday party on a Friday night, because that’s where my mates were.

Until tomorrow, and so that’s where I needed to be.


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