September 10th 2018

Today I had a pizza and PlayStation night with my married friend. That’s right, I’m at an age now where I have friends who are married. My sister is getting married. My other sister just bought a house. And I… I am about to go on a two-week holiday with my ex-girlfriend because I too am a functioning adult that has my shit together.


(I think that’s the first time I’ve ever used the word ‘Lol’ on this blog before, but in context, I think I’m okay with it. Also, the Grammarly plugin I’ve got running in Google Chrome didn’t try to tell me that ‘Lol’ isn’t a real word, which is, depending on if we share the same definition of this word; interesting)

What was I saying?

Oh yeah. Married friend.

We’ve both been through some shit recently so it was really, really nice to be able to just sit down, drink beer, eat overcooked (by me) pizza, shoot up some animated bad guys and pretend that the real world is better than the post-apocalyptic wasteland in which we were battling.

(That’s a joke, for the record)

He’s actually the husband of my now ex-girlfriend’s sister, and I was a bit worried that I’d lose him in the divorce (mine, not his), so it was doubly nice to be able to see him, catch up, and distract ourselves with the aforementioned pizza, beer and bad guys.

Until tomorrow, keep distracted.


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