September 11th 2018

Today, depending on your chosen definition of what classifies as “a run”, my running streak either ended, or didn’t end. It’s really just up to interpretation. It’s like Schrödinger’s streak, if you want to go with a horridly overused (and often misused) turn of phrase.

My streak, before today, was 22 consecutive days of running more than 5 kilometres each day. Today, I technically did run more than 5km, but I did so on a football pitch, slowly, over the course of an hour. Does that count? I’m still not sure.

By the original rules that I set out for myself, where I did not define a time, or pace for the run, and only a distance, then my 5.9km run this evening should mean that the streak has continued. But something about it feels false. Last week, knowing that I’d be playing football in the evening, and feeling unsure whether that would count towards my goal of 21 consecutive days or not, I ran during lunch as well as played football in the evening. Just to be doubly sure.

This week, though, with the 21 day challenge completed, I’m feeling more flexible about my rules. However, just to flip-flap once again, the rules (rule) did stipulate that all that is required is a run of over 5km. And that happened. It just took me an hour instead of the half hour it should usually take.

And so, an impasse.

Realistically, as I have a 16-mile run on Thursday to recover for, I should have taken either today or yesterday (and most definitely tomorrow) off running in order to regain some energy for the literal longest run of my life. And that run is going to (metaphorically) kill me and could put me out of action for the weekend, thus ending the streak anyway.

But for now, part of me feels like the streak is still ongoing. Yet another part of me thinks about what my boss would say if I came into work tomorrow and tried to classify a football match as a >5km run. She’d laugh me back out of the door.

Until tomorrow, what do you think?



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