September 15th 2018

Today my Dad and I won our match in a charity golf tournament. It was the two of us paired up against another group, and both me and my Dad both played very, very well — just at different times of the round.

Our performance was described by our opponents as “dovetailing”, meaning that when I was doing badly, Dad was doing well, and when Dad was doing badly, I was doing well. Dad started the stronger out of the two of us, and I finished stronger. I won my points when he was out of the hole, and vice versa.

It was an effective strategy even if it wasn’t completely intentional.

The pairing we were playing were significantly better than us on paper, as well, but we were helped out by the handicap system and what, at times, was some damn good golf.

We were three holes up with five to play, when on the 16th I chipped in from 40 feet for birdie to take the match to dormie four (four up, four to play) and from there we took the match.

From the moment I hit that shot, I knew it was in. And I had a couple of putts like that today as well.

Overall, by combining our scores we put together a cracking round with some wonderful golf shots, and it was really nice to play that well and win alongside my Dad

Until tomorrow, we dovetailed nicely.


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