September 16th 2018

Today I am officially, completely, absolutely, 100% moved back in with my Mum and Dad. We spent the whole day moving things out of my old house and into their house, via the tip. We had so much stuff to move that my Dad had to fill up his van, and then the bloke wouldn’t even let him in to the tip. He was saying something about “you need a booking” and “I can only take 20 vans per day” and “I’m a knob”. (I added that last one, although to be fair he was only doing his job.)

And so, eventually, we left the house empty.

And posted the key back through the letter box.


Yes, I stopped to take a photo of that. I’ll never be inside that house again. Never sleep in my bedroom. Or barbecue in the garden. Or make dinner in the kitchen (not that I did that much anyway). 

Instead, it’ll be someone else’s home. Someone else’s bedroom. Someone else’s garden.

That someone moves in next week. And I don’t know who they are. But they’ll be living in my home. And that’s really weird to me.

Really weird.

While we were packing, I had to keep stopping and checking myself because it was all getting a bit much to the point where it didn’t even feel real.

Until tomorrow, it just felt weird.



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