September 20th 2018

Today we drove up (and across) the country to an IBIS Budget near Luton Airport ready for our flight to Greece tomorrow morning.

From the moment I left my house I knew I’d forgotten something, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I had my passport, and I had my euros, so I knew anything else was just circumstantial and could be easily replaced.

When I sat down to a table with my Chicken Panang Noodles at the Reading service station on the M4 I realised what I’d forgotten: my MacBook charger. I’d remembered my MacBook, just not the charger.

And you might think “Well, what do you need a laptop anyway for if you’re going on holiday?” and you do have a point, but because I have to post one of these blogs every single day, having a proper laptop with a proper keyboard to properly type with just makes it easier. Properly.

And so, I’m laptopless, and all of the posts for the next 14 days will come from my phone (unless I pluck up the courage to buy a new charger from the airport tomorrow).

When I realised what I’d done, I figured “Well, if I’m only using it for twenty minutes a day to write a blog post then the entire charge might even last me that long anyway”, but nope. I just checked and it’s on 16%. Fuck.

Until tomorrow, I apologise if the quality of the upcoming travel blogs is inhibited by keyboard typing.


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