September 21st 2018

Today my naps were interrupted by intermittent periods of travel. We woke up in an Ibis hotel at 3am, and walked the 15 minutes down the road to Luton airport. We had a 4am fry up in the only place that it’s acceptable and wondered whether it was too early for it to be acceptable to start drinking. The table next to us had no qualms about getting the 4am beers in.

When our plane was delayed on the tarmac for half an hour I took my first nap of the day. Alice had to wake me up just before take-off so that we could both partake in my family’s longstanding tradition of helping the plane lift off the runway by flapping your arms really fast.

Two naps and 2.5 hours later, the pilot woke me up by announcing we were thirty minutes away from landing. This surprised us as we thought the flight was going to be four hours. Time travel is great.

My next nap came on the boat from Skiathos to Skopelos, and the one after that came when we’d reached our apartment.

It’s ridiculously beautiful here. Alice did an incredible job of finding this place. It’s perfect for us.

One nap later, we went out for dinner and I ate rabbit for the first time ever.

It turns out: I like eating rabbit.

We ate at a restaurant called Muses and it was fantastic. Every part of it. From the food to the seafront table to the blankets they gave us to keep us warm. It was amazing.

Until tomorrow, two more weeks of this.


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