Today is my twentyfifth birthday, and I spent it swimming around the Aegean Sea on the coast of the Greek Island of Skopelos. I’ve had worse birthdays.

I thought I’d feel more contemplative and reflective today. Twenty five was always the arbitrary age I had in my mind by when I figured I’d have my life sorted. At one point I even wanted to already have two kids by the time I turned 25.

I even once committed to wanting to be 25 forever, because it felt the perfect balance of old enough to have my life sorted, but young enough to still enjoy it.

So, now that I’m 25, how did I do? Is my life sorted? Well, not really.

I woke up on my first day of being 25 with negative £220 in my bank account. I’m on a head-fuck of a holiday with my ex-girlfriend. When I get home, I’ll be living with my Mum and Dad again — permanently. I have absolutely no idea where I’ll be working in six months time. And, in case it wasn’t obvious, I don’t have the two kids that I once promised myself I’d have.

So no, my life isn’t sorted. But now that I’ve reached 25, that doesn’t matter to me as much.

The second part of my above declaration was that I wanted to be 25 forever to “still be young enough to enjoy it”. And enjoying it I am. Because this morning I had breakfast in view of the sea.

And I spent the day snorkelling in 25 degree heat and looking wistfully over the horizon

So, even though I have no idea where my life is headed, or what my future holds, I am at least content with the present.

Until tomorrow, I don’t know where I will be next year, but I enjoyed where I was today.


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