September 23rd 2018

Today we had a well deserved day of rest. Even though we’ve only been in Greece for two days, it feels like we’ve been here for two weeks already.

Because we have actually got two weeks here in Skopelos we’re trying to pace ourselves with the activities. We want to rent a car and go on a boat trip and (I want to) go wakeboarding or parasailing, but we’ve only been here for two days so we need to spread that out a bit.

So instead today we had complimentary back massages. When we checked in we got to choose which treatment we wanted fifteen minutes of for free, and we both chose back massages. I assume the free one was to entice us to pay for the full ones later in our stay, and to be honest I think that tactic probably worked because I now want another one.

I’ve had a bad back for a while, and a massage seemed to help — temporarily, at least. I got off the table feeling like a new man — temporarily, at least.

And so, even though we’ve not been here long, we had a relaxing day by the pool, broken up by various meals and trips to the masseuse.

Until tomorrow, it’s not a bad life.


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