September 24th 2018

Today was our third(?) full day in Skopelos. To be honest, it’s difficult to keep track of days. Without checking, I honestly couldn’t tell you what day of the week it was.

We got here on a Friday, I know that much, and my birthday was a Saturday, so from there I’m just adding numbers and trying to make days.

It’s a whole other world out here. It’s difficult to find new and original ways of saying this, but it’s fucking majestic. At all times of day.



Or night.

If my phone didn’t automatically group those photos by creation date, I wouldn’t even be sure that they were all taken on the same day.

At some point, we apparently went up to a rooftop cocktail bar with panoramic views of the town, and I’m fairly sure that that happened yesterday, but apparently it was today. And I’ve not even napped today so I don’t even have that to blame for my disorientation.

Somehow, we still have eleven days left here. By which point I’ll be thirty five with a house, a mortgage and two kids. Or that’s what it feels like, at least.

That may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m really not. Because how can there be anything in the world to complain about when the world is this majestic?

Until tomorrow, just look at it.


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