September 25th 2018

Today it rained down in Skopelos. And then rained some more. The entire day was a washout, from waking up to bedtime. Which is a shame.

Look at it out there. To quote my old friend Dinah Washington; what a difference a day make.

As it turns out, there’s surprisingly little to do on an idyllic Greek holiday Island during the middle of a thunderstorm. Especially considering the Internet connection is shonky at best and I left my MacBook charger at home anyway.

We were getting a bit stir crazy being stuck in our room, so we braved the elements and trekked to the supermarket to seek entertainment.

Perhaps ambitiously, we were hoping to find a pack of Uno cards. We brought Monopoly Deal with us, but we always get a bit aggressive while playing that and — when we still had one — it was a real test of our relationship.

Unsurprisingly, the entertainment section of this supermarket was as old as the island itself. Like, there were VHS tapes.

And so, the best entertainment we could find was a sketch pad and some coloured pens. We ran home through the rain and drew each other. Naturally, I thought mine was better and Alice thought hers was better. Objectively, she’s probably right.

We couldn’t make it as far as a cafe, so we just grabbed some cereal and two pints of milk.

Although, apparently the kitchenette of the apartment we’re in doesn’t come stocked with bowls, so we ate our cereal out of a saucepan and watched the one English TV channel we could find play the same loop of international news on repeat.

Until tomorrow, I hope the sun comes back out.


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