September 28th 2018

Today we took a bus to Glossa on the other side of the island of Skopelos. This morning I asked at the reception of the hotel what we could do on the island while the weather was bad, and the short answer from the receptionist was “not much”. The British tourist who overheard the conversation, however, suggested that we take the bus to Glossa. And so we did.

I mean, it wasn’t her fault that the weather got progressively worse as the bus edged closer to Glossa, but I’m not against blaming her entirely.

I will, however, thank her for the suggestion because it led us to a glorious little cliff-side bar called P’tharakia.

When we got off the bus we basically just followed the signs to the first “cafe/bar” we saw, which just happened to be a bit of a gem.

We initially stopped just for a coffee (mainly to warm up a bit) and to enjoy the concept of what could have been a nice view.

(Note: the following photo is not mine from today, but one I’ve just found on Google)

Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead, we were under shelter from the rain.

After coffee, we left P’tharakia in search of somewhere to eat, but really struggled to find anywhere that was open as the bad weather had seemingly forced many places into a premature end of season.

I’m fairly sure at one point we accidentally broke into one restaurant, because when we opened the door and entered, all of the lights were off and the chairs were stacked on top of the tables. We left hurriedly after that.

Glossa is located on the edge of a cliff, and I think the rest of the restaurants were up a bit set of steps that we (Alice) didn’t want to climb, so we headed back to our original destination, P’tharakia — and we’re glad we did.

The food was amazing. Like, really really good. And even more amazing considering it was all made by one guy (the barman) in a tiny little kitchenette.

(I also stole that photo)

What’s more, the music was fantastic, and exactly our taste. So good, in fact, that it prompted me to ask the barman what the playlist was. He said I could find it on YouTube, and wrote it down for me on a slip of paper. (For future reference, it’s “Kefata Proina“)

Sometimes, when you’re visiting somewhere new you find the best places through vigorous research and forethought. But sometimes, you just take a few random turns and see where you end up.

Until tomorrow, follow your nose.


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