September 29th 2018

Today we endured what will hopefully turn out to be our penultimate day of rain this holiday. Endured is perhaps a strong word, because we’re still having a good time, and our spirits are only being literally dampened, and not metaphorically.

Tomorrow should be the last day of rain, and we’re banking on that. By Monday, the sun will be out and it’ll feel like we are actually in Greece again.

This holiday was only ever supposed to be about relaxing. We didn’t have massive plans to go on excursions or adventures, we just wanted to relax and chill out. Perhaps I’m just trying to find the silver linings among the many, many clouds, but the weather hasn’t changed our plans to relax too much.

We’ve ate a lot of food, I’ve drank a lot of beer, and I’ve read four books cover to cover — that’s pretty much all I hoped to accomplish from this trip, although I was hoping for more of a tan.

I’ve checked about fourteen different weather forecasts (although I’m fairly sure they all source their data from the same centralised location) and they all agree that the weather will improve on Monday.

Until tomorrow, cross your fingers for us.


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