September 30th 2018

Today we didn’t even bother attempting to brave the rain, so we just stayed in the hotel and ordered room service.

Alice thought it was a bit cheeky that they charged us a three euro surplus for room service, but considering the horrific weather they had to battle through to get to our room, I think the surplus was just.

Because we were basically confined to our room, we had to find alternate means of entertainment. And so, to keep us busy when we’d both finished reading our books, I gave Alice maths homework to do.

Alice is extremely talented at many things, but she is absolutely appalling at Maths, to the point that she was diagnosed with dyscalculia at university (how she got through school without anybody picking up on it, she does not know).

So I asked her simply “What is 16×47?” and she set to work to find out.

Ten minutes later she came back in earnest with “seventy seven?” and I’m still struggling to figure out how she got to that conclusion. (The answer is 752, by the way)

To be fair to her, once I’d showed her the method to do it, she answered my next question no problem.

Our game continued with map drawing. Geography is also not one of her skills, and when I asked her to draw the continent of Africa she asked “Is Brazil in Africa?” but did then produce a pretty good depiction of the continent (Brazil not included)

I then asked her to draw Europe, and she did… not as well.

Aside from the U.K., Italy, and Croatia, the results were… off. But anyway, who really knows where Russia begins and ends?

We’re in Greece currently, and when I asked “where do you think we are now?” she drew a circle somewhere south of Spain.

Until tomorrow, maybe if Greece was south of Spain we’d be having better weather.


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