October 1st 2018

Today the glorious Grecian sun returned. It’s been five days since we’ve seen it, but at about two o’clock this afternoon, it popped out from behind a cloud. We basically ran back from lunch and I jumped straight into the pool.

We’ve been stuck under umbrellas for four days, and stuck completely inside for two of those, so the minute the sun came out we wanted to make the most of it

We stayed on those beds until the sun set at gone 7 o’clock. That’s why I came all this way. That’s why I came on holiday.

Also, the ridiculously tasty lamb shank I had for dinner is why I came on holiday:

It was at a marvellous little place called Finakas. The dining area seemed like we were just in someone’s living room, and it felt like proper Greek home cooking. It taste like it too.

What I’ve learnt about Greece this past week — other than the frequency of thunderstorms — is that a proper Greek dinner is just a slab of meat, with some potatoes on the side. And that’s my kind of dinner.

Until tomorrow, and that kind of dinner preceded by a day of 22 degree heat is my kind of holiday.


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