October 4th 2018

Today Alice finally span for me.

Let me explain.

For the four years that we were together, almost whenever we would walk down the street together holding hands, I’d lift both of our hands above her head and say “Spin”, hoping that she’d twirl like the ballerina she always should have been.

It was always just a thing that we did. My insistence and her defiance became almost like a running joke.

She never did spin. She’d always be too embarrassed to do so if we were walking down the street together. Her hesitance made sense: it would look weird.

A few times, I caught her off guard with a particularly over-exuberant over-the-head set-up and she’d almost stumble into a spin. I think one time she complied accidentally, but she’s never fully committed to it. Until today.

We were holding hands, walking back from dinner on the last night of our holiday in Skopelos, and I tried one last time to make Alice spin. And she did.

She twirled beneath my arm like a ballerina. And then, she undid the spin and twirled counterclockwise back into my arm.

It was magical. And on this island, it happened in the perfect setting. It’s just a shame about the context.

Alice and I have been broken up for over two months now, and we agreed to go on this holiday (which we’d already booked) as a ‘final goodbye’. It’s been, as I’ve insistently described it, a perfect bookend to the relationship, and now we can move on with our lives separately, and with closure.

And more, importantly, I can leave this island having finally done it.

Until tomorrow, she span for me.


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