October 6th 2018

Today I woke up to find out that my hamster had escaped during the night.

When I got up in the morning, my Dad told me the story.

He’d heard some scratching at around midnight, but that’s nothing usual with my dad because he has the hearing of a hawk on heat*. He ignored it for a bit but eventually succumbed to his investigative instincts. He looked around upstairs for a while but when he couldn’t find anything he went downstairs to get a glass of milk.

*I don’t know how being on heat affects a hawk’s hearing, but I liked the alliteration. Also, I don’t even know if hawk’s ‘get’ heat

When he came back upstairs, however, Lola (said hamster) was crawling around on the landing. She’d somehow got out of her cage.

Dad scooped her up, took her back to her cage in the office, and noticed that one of the cage doors was hanging open. He assumed she must have somehow pushed the door open and made the two foot jump to the floor below her cage. So he grabbed a cable tie and wound the door shut.

Of course, in reality, I’d just forgotten to close that cage door, and she’d crawled out of it and made the — admittedly impressive — two foot jump onto the office floor.

So really, she didn’t escape her cage, because if you forget to close the door to the cage then you could make an argument to say that the entire world is her cage. Thankfully, she didn’t feel like exploring the world too broadly so she just wandered around on the landing for a bit.

Until tomorrow, that could have gone a lot worse.



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