October 7th 2018

Today I got back on the golf course for one last practice round before my golf holiday in Marbella next weekend.

It did not go well. I hooked about four drives into the trees.

I’m very much hoping that the next round I play will go a lot better than today did, because the next round I play will be in Puerto Banus on a course much harder (although also much nicer) than the one I played today.

I was at the top of my game about a month ago, but I haven’t played since then, and I’m apparently not doing well any more.

This will be my second golf holiday of the year. Is that excessive? Maybe. Do I mind? Not really. It’s a reunion holiday with my old friends from University, and the previous holidays we’ve been on were both ski trips, and that’s even more excessive (and expensive).

I was a crap skier, but golf is much more my pace. Safer, too. Although I did hurt my leg earlier when I decided to volley a golf ball that someone threw to me. I couldn’t help it. It’s my instinct to volley.

I’m tempted to spend a few nights this week down the driving range, because I want to be on top of my game for this weekend.

Until tomorrow, it’s going to be a very golf-y week.


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