October 9th 2018

Today I feel like I’ve been sat on my arse drinking beer and eating kebabs for two weeks. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what I’ve been doing. Two weeks in Greece was fun, but I’m feeling the carb hangover now.

I played football this evening and apparently all of the hard work I put in by running for 23 days in a row before my holiday was undone by 14 days of doing absolutely nothing that didn’t involve food or alcohol. I mean, I packed my running shoes in my suitcase but who was I kidding? I did the carbloading I needed to, just none of the running.

By the end of football, I could barely run — which at least partly contributed to the fact that our team got absolutely hammered.

All of the food we ate was fabulous, so it encouraged us to eat more. As much as we tried, I don’t think we successfully avoided a starter all holiday. Which was perhaps over-indulgent. We’d have three full, proper meals a day and so now I don’t even feel like eating because I still feel full from the holiday.

Of course, the obvious solution to my problem is to go on a bit of a cleanse, drink lots of water and recover adequately. The problem is I’m going on another holiday in three days time, to Marbella, and so I don’t think any cleanse is going to last very long.

Until tomorrow, drink six pints (of water) a day.



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