October 12th 2018

Today I flew to the south coast of Spain for a golf holiday. I left my house at 3am this morning, the plane took off at 6am and we were in Malaga by 10 (local time). Two hours later we finally figured out how we were going to get from Malaga airport to our hotel in Puerto Banus.

We decided to drive there. After deciding to get the bus. Which came after deciding to get a taxi. The taxi was going to be €90. The bus was going to take too long. And so we decided on renting a car for the weekend for €160. Eventually, we got down to a price that was reasonable, as it would’ve cost us at least that much just in taxis to the airport and back.

This way, we get to drive ourselves to the golf courses over the next few days as well. So it should work out economically. Although we did fail to account for parking, and that seems to be expensive.

The entire place seems expensive. Although, if you’re one of the billionaires living on the super yachts in the harbour, I’m sure this place seems cheap and cheerful.

Tomorrow we play our first round of golf, but this evening we killed some time playing paddleball (a cross between tennis and squash) down the road, and then walked along the harbour to see said billionaires and their said yachts.

Until tomorrow, oh how the other 1% live.


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