October 14th 2018

Today we played golf at the Marbella Country Club. It was the most expensive round of golf I’ve played in my life (€94.60 each) but probably deservedly so. It was a really beautiful round of golf, if not somewhat frustrating — and not because of the course, but because of the golf.

Annoyingly, I played really well. And it’s annoying because I still lost. We played doubles match play and my pairing was 3 holes up with 7 holes left to play. And we lost. I’m so annoyed. I’m so, so annoyed. Because I did actually string together a round full of half decent shots.

And yet, we lost. But what a place to lose. It’s probably (definitely) the most picturesque round of golf I’ve ever played.

With waterfalls, and mountains, and oceans(?), and IM SO ANNOYED THAT WE LOST.

Throwing it away from three up with seven to play is, as they say, a bottle. We bottled it. We completely choked. And I’m so annoyed, because I lost yesterday too. But I could take that one because I deserved to lose. But today I didn’t deserve to lose because I played well.

Until tomorrow, three up with seven to play.


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