October 16th 2018

Today I came back from a golf holiday with more injuries than I would’ve expected. The blisters kind of come with the package of walking for ten miles every day, but then I tried jumping over a tennis net and cut my leg in half (almost literally). 

I attempted the jump as if it were a hurdle (y’know, like in hurdles). I made the jump with my right foot, but the knee of my trailing leg got caught on the top of the net, and my entire shin bone scraped along the metal wire that topped the net. The wire was wrapped in that fabricy stuff, but it still fucking hurt. It bled. The cut starts at my knee and goes all the way down, in one straight line, to the top of my trainer tan-line. In a way, it looks pretty cool, but it did hurt a bit.

Naturally, I was jumping the net at a change of ends to try and look cool, but I failed that miserably. And then, on a perhaps related note, I didn’t win a single game thereafter.

It doesn’t really hurt anymore unless I’m wearing skinny jeans (which is about all I wear, thinking about it). 

Until tomorrow, let’s hope for shorts weather.


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