October 18th 2018

Today was relatively uneventful. It makes it difficult to cobble together a couple hundred words to describe a day if nothing much actually happened, but there will always be those days. I’ve done a lot of really cool stuff recently — with various holidays and such — so I guess every day can’t be rock and roll.

In fact, all of the cool stuff I’ve done recently probably went some way to making today feel uneventful. Before yesterday, I’d only actually been in work for four days out of the last month. That’s not a bad return. But after a month of beach, and sea, and (some) sun, and golf, a miserable day in an office building in Gloucester hardly seems worth writing about. And yet, I’m trying my best.

Sometimes these days happen, and sometimes these blogs happen, where I am literally just typing the first words that come to my mind without any real direction or theme in mind. I’m just typing to fill up an arbitrary and self-imposed word count. Can you tell? Saying that, every blog I post here — regardless of the thrillingness of the content — is me just typing the first words that come to my mind. That’s kind of the point of this. It’s supposed to be an unfiltered inner monologue from every day of my adult life.

Until tomorrow, not every day is going to be exciting.


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