October 22nd 2018

Today I’m doing that thing again where I get over-excited at a mere prospect. A friend of mine is back living in Swindon after a few years out of town, and, since I’m back here living with my Mum and Dad as well, I jokingly floated the idea of us two getting a house together.

And then, when that became an option, I thought of another friend, who lives like an hour and a half away from Swindon in Coventry, but — as my mind quickly figured out — where I work in Gloucester is halfway between Swindon and Coventry. So, if we found a place halfway between Gloucester and Coventry to bisect the commute, then the three of us could get a place together.

And so, quickly I was searching for places that are equidistant from Gloucester to Coventry.

Slim pickings, as it turns out. My immediate thought was Stratford-upon-Avon, because one of the guys used to live there, and it’s very pretty there too. A bit dead, though. And by ‘dead’ I mean most of the residents are much closer to death than we are. And by that I mean it’s an old person’s town, if that wasn’t yet clear.

So that was an option. It’s an hour from Gloucester, and 30 minutes from Coventry. Perfectly fine commutes, but not much going on for three twenty-something men (feels odd to use ‘men’ there, I don’t know why)

Alternatively, there’s Worcester. A University city, it’s much more suited to our situation. And ages. And price range. (Stratford is also fucking expensive) It’s only half an hour from Gloucester, but, traffic dependent, anywhere between an hour and an hour and a half from Coventry. So, my commute would be alright but my friend’s wouldn’t.

And so, within a few minutes of the thought even popping into my head, I was researching things to do in Worcester. I even flicked through Rightmove and saved some properties to my ‘watch list’.

I mean, all of that is far too keen, and at this point it’s just a flicker in my imagination, but that didn’t stop me running away with it.

By now, I should learn not to get too invested in these things, because inevitably they end up falling through, leading to yet more disappointment.

Until tomorrow, but a little bit of excitement can’t hurt.


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