October 31st 2018

Today I finally opened a Help To Buy ISA. I swear, over the last year, literally every person I know has nagged me about how important it is that I open a Help To Buy Fucking ISA. (I added the ‘Fucking’, not Lloyds) 

“But James, it’s free money,” said literally everyone.

“Just do it,” echoed all of the people I’ve ever met, and also that sporting apparel company.

“But I really like spending all of my money on holidays,” said me. Because I really like spending all of my money on holidays.

I’ve tried to start saving a few times over the years. I’d transfer the money into a separate account — handily labelled “Savings” — and then I’d get a text saying “Do you want to go on a golfing weekend to the Algarve?” and I’d say “Yes please” and transfer the money out of the account labelled “Savings” and into the account labelled “a golf weekend in the Algarve”.

I worked out the other day that since I graduated Uni four years ago, I’ve spent about £12,000 on holidays. That’s also, handily, the maximum you can (or should) save in a Help To Buy Fucking ISA. At that point, the government give you 25%, rounds it up to 15k and you’ve got yourself a deposit on a house. Congratulations.

So, had I not left the country at all since I graduated University, I’d have a house by now. But I’d also be fucking sad. But sad in my own house!

Honestly, I’m okay with the choices I’ve made. I don’t mind that I can’t afford to buy a house, because I’m not at the point where I want to buy a house. So I’ve got time. But I do appreciate that at some point I will start having to save, and apparently that point is today.

When people have repeatedly bugged me about it (For the record, I know that they’re only bugging me for my benefit, and I do appreciate that) I’ve brushed it off with “Yeah, I’ll think about it”

Well, today I decided that thinking about it wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so I may as well just do it. So I did it. I got paid today and immediately put a third of it into a Help To Buy Fucking ISA. Apparently they’re really easy to set up. It’s literally a press of a button on your phone’s mobile banking. Who knew? (Probably literally everyone who’s bugged me about it over the last year)

And so, although it’s a late start, it’s a start nonetheless.

I’ll get there.

Until tomorrow, thanks for bugging me, you lot.


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