November 1st 2018

Today I submitted the poem that I wrote for my sister’s wedding. It was only a day late. I had to submit it to the registrar(y?) at least a month before the wedding so that they could, I guess, vet it. My sister had to assure them that the poem/reading wouldn’t contain any religious messaging, which — if you know anything about me — wasn’t a difficult task for me to accomplish.

Writing something meaningful was difficult though. But I’m actually quite happy with what I’ve produced. I put the poem through the cry-test and read it to my Mum earlier. She wants to make sure that she’s completely prepared for anything that might trigger her emotions on the day, so she wanted to hear the poem before I read it at the wedding.

She cried.


That means I was successful in my attempt to write something meaningful and heartfelt. I won’t let any of the rest of my family read it before the day though. The rest of them are stable enough, but Mum needs to prepare herself emotionally. (only joking, of course)

Mum liked it though. I was worried a bit about the tone, but she assured me that I’d done well.

Then, she made me practice reading it to her. Because that’s gonna be a real challenge. It was hard enough just reading it aloud to her alone, but in just over a month I’ll have to read it out loud at the front of the reception in front of one hundred people.


Until tomorrow, I’m not at all terrified.


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