November 9th 2018

Today, do you remember last week when I got all excited because, at twenty-five years old, I finally opened a Help To Buy ISA? (here) Well, I got a letter through the post today that said the bank had closed my Help To Buy ISA. Seriously. The bastards. I’ve only just got it!

Apparently because I’d already deposited money into a separate ISA this year (which I don’t remember doing) then I wasn’t allowed to have another one running. And so I have to wait until the new tax year starts in April (for reasons I’ll never understand) to open a new Help To Buy ISA.

There I was, just trying to be responsible, and the bank fucked me over. Bastards! I mean, I’m sure they had plenty of legitimate reasons for not letting me put money into two separate ISAs in the same tax year, but to be honest I’m still not really sure what an ISA is, so I couldn’t possibly speculate.

Basically, the government don’t want me to ever buy a house. And I’ll just have to accept that. Thinking about it, I didn’t actually check to see if they returned the money that I’d opened the Help To Buy ISA with, but I’d like to think they would have done…

I was feeling so smug as well, that I’d finally taken the plunge and put on my big boy pants and opened a fund to save for a house. And now it’s gone again!

Until tomorrow, cheers Lloyd.


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