November 10th 2018

Today we went out on a family shopping trip to get my Dad a suit for my sister’s wedding. As he pointed out, it was the first time we’ve done something wedding-related as the five of us. She gets married three weeks tomorrow, so it was nice to be able to have a family outing for the occasion.

I’m sure it was weird for Dad, having to basically model for the rest of us as we gawked at him as he tried on various iterations of the same suit. He only actually tried on one suit. He liked the first one he tried, so why would he even bother trying to find another one? I personally was a big fan of that mentality, and it’s probably where I get it from.

He did look really good in it, to be fair.


Look at the strut. Look at him absolutely rock that three-piece. Waistcoat and everything. What a bloke.

And, again to his credit, he didn’t even ask how much the whole thing cost (though later on when he inadvertently found out, he did baulk a little). Then, to top it all off, he spent and spent £100 on shoes. My Dad’s probably never spent that much on all of the shoes he’s ever owned combined, but he’s dropping three figures on footwear for the wedding no problem.

This wedding is making people giddy, I swear.

Personally, I’m basically ready for it. I already have a suit, I just need to get a tie that matches my Dad’s (which matches the bridesmaids’ dresses). As well, I’ve finished the poem that I’m going to be reading at the ceremony, and I’ve almost remembered it in its entirety.

Until tomorrow, all I have to do is write my Dad’s father of the bride speech for him.


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