November 13th 2018

Today I came very, very close to going for a run. It would have been the first time I’d been running since my 26km run back in September. I was very, very close. We’d even gone so far as to organise the route. And then Ross bailed out and I wasn’t going to go on my own. Tomorrow though! Tomorrow I will.

And so I didn’t run. But that meant that when I went to football tonight I was full of vigour and energy, and I ran my little heart out there instead. Weirdly, I actually felt that I was full of energy. Which encourages me for whatever we end up doing tomorrow. And, I’m thinking of even doing a track session on Thursday — what do you think about that, eh?

It’s been six weeks since I lost my mojo. That’s enough. Annoyingly, I actually felt really, really good after my last run. It felt like what I’d really benefitted from the heavy training I’d done in preparation for the slightly-over-half-marathon. And then I didn’t run for six weeks. Go figure.

Until tomorrow, tomorrow though, tomorrow I’ll run.



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