November 15th 2018

Today something about my run felt different. It’s only my second day back on the proverbial horse after six non-proverbial weeks off, but it felt really good today. I ran a route that includes an optional hilly loop, and that loop is usually too difficult for me. It’s halfway through a 10k run and, when I’ve done the same route previously, I’ve usually opted not to include the loop, because something about inclines hurts my shins.

Today though, I did it no problem. And, if it weren’t for the Autumn leaves mulching up the ground and making it slippy underfoot, I would’ve done it a lot faster.

On the occasions where I have included the loop in my route, more often than not the return leg is a difficult one, but today the return leg was almost enjoyable. Two of us broke off from the pack and inadvertently picked up the pace. And although I did notice it at the time, I didn’t feel it. And that was a good feeling. Or, rather, a good not-feeling.

Whether this improved form and increased energy is temporary because I’m running on fresh legs, or I’ve turned some kind of metaphorical or psychological corner, I don’t know.

Until tomorrow, for the time being, I’m just enjoying it.


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