November 16th 2018

Today I’m on a spontaneous train for a spontaneous journey to Bristol. I’m at a stage in my life where I am trying to be spontaneous, and am striving to put myself in situations where I’d usually be uncomfortable, in order to be more comfortable in he future.

And so I’m stood up and squeeze in on a jam-packed, last-minute train journey to Bristol, even though I already have a busy weekend planned.

I’m also going on a spontaneous night out tomorrow night, but that one is in my home town, so there’s slightly fewer logistical obstacles to overcome.

Sidenote: through some quirk of this country’s (almost) privatised public transport service, my return train to Bristol (£6.40) has ended up costing me less than a ten minute taxi ride (£10) to the pub will cost me tomorrow.

Nevertheless, even though I’m Sardine-squidged onto this rush hour commuter train, with barely enough room to extend my elbows while I type this blog on my phone, it’s just nice to be out. And it’s nice to say yes to things, and to force myself into doing things with which I would not usually be comfortable.

Usually, and even recently, I find myself over thinking and over analysing every single decision I make, or every single action I need to take. But for now I’m just trying to avoid that.

Until tomorrow, I’m getting better at spontaneity.


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