November 17th 2018

Today is day two of my three day impromptu weekend. I woke up in Bristol, got a train back to Swindon, ran around town doing errands, and then met my friends at a pub after maybe thirty relaxing minutes at my house.

I got about two hours sleep last night, and now I’m out again. And feeling both young and old at the same time.

We’re having an old-school work reunion, full of at least one person that I’ve not seen in four years.

For some reason, our drink of choice for the night is Hooch. I don’t think anyone has ever drunk as much Hooch as our table has done tonight. And it’s only like 9 bottles. It’s not much of a drink, but when Spoons is offering it 3 for a fiver, you can’t really decline.

It isn’t something I’d usually go for, but again, 3 for a fiver like.

Hooch is crazy.

Until tomorrow, shoutout anyone who understands that reference.


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