November 18th 2018

Today I joined a new golf club. We played there last weekend, and were enticed by it. And then when they emailed us during the week offering us a specially discounted Winter membership, we were further enticed. To the point that the four of us signed up almost instantly. For me personally, it was £65 on the spot for four and a half months membership. That’s pretty good going for unlimited golf, plus all the other extra bits that come with the membership.

My Dad has been talking about the idea of getting a golf membership for a while now, so I decided to get him a membership too. Though the price is higher, because he’s older, so it’s an early Christmas gift from me and my sisters.

The four of us (me, Dad, and my two cousins) played today for the first time as members. Three of us (me, and my two cousins) are actually members of two golf clubs at the moment, as we’ve yet to cancel our other one.

I guess I should probably cancel that other one (Broome Manor). One reason we chose to join the new one (Marlborough) is so that we could start entering competitions. For me, at least, entering competitions is more for the handicap than for any potential prizes. Though I’m not going to complain if someone wants to give me a big-ass trophy. Although I’m not sure that’s quite how it works at Marlborough.

Competitions happen on the first Saturday and the second Wednesday of every month. Annoyingly, the first competition we could enter is on December 2nd — which just happens to be my sister’s wedding day. Would you mind, Genine? If we tee off before nine we could be done before the wedding starts at one. No? I didn’t think so. Do we all need to be there? Definitely? Never mind then.

Until tomorrow, maybe we’ll play the January one instead.


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