November 22nd 2018

Today I figured out how expensive it would be for me to live in London. (Spoiler alert: the answer is “very”) A friend of mine is trying to convince me to move to London to live with him and another of our mates who has just moved there. So my friend, Josh, keeps sending me links to potential flats the three of us could share together. He’s even sending me links to jobs.

To be fair, the flats Josh is sending me aren’t even ridiculously expensive. He’s done a lot of research on my behalf, bless him, so I promised him that at the very least I’d do the maths. And so that’s what I’ve done. In my world, when you don’t know what else to do, you make a spreadsheet.

Now, unsurprisingly, rent is the expensive part of living in London. That shouldn’t be news to anyone. Rent would cost me over £700 a month. But the interesting discovery that I made was that I’d actually save money on transport living in London.

Right now I spend about £500 a month on my car. That includes the finance/loan, insurance, and perhaps most painfully, fuel. I spend £40 a week on fuel. A Zone 1-2 Oystercard in London is £130 a month. So I’d save like £370 a month if I sold my car, paid off my loan, and moved to London.

So, what I’m saying, is that moving to London would save me money.

(Moving to London would not save me money)

Nevertheless, I made the spreadsheet. It didn’t actually look too bad when you factor in the savings on travel. But my spreadsheet was missing one of the biggest contributing factors of London living: the lifestyle. From what I hear, you can’t really budget for it. It just kind of happens to you. And it happens constantly and unrelentingly. But that’s kind of why you’re there. If it didn’t come with that lifestyle, then nobody would pay the money.

And it’s that lifestyle I’m chasing. I’m 25 now, and have recently moved back in with my Mum and Dad. I love them both to pieces, but I need to get out. I need to live. And I don’t think I can do that around here. So whether it’s London, or Bristol, or wherever, I need to leave my comfort zone. There’s just so much to figure out.

Until tomorrow, I am not in any way prepared for that.



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