November 24th 2018

Today I’m on a train to Bath for my first second date. I’ve done first dates, and now I’ve made it to the second. That’s progress, right? That’s like, a 100% improvement.

The good news is, that I’m not as nervous for the second date as I was for the first.

The only nerve wracking thing was figuring out somewhere to go for dinner. That’s a lot of pressure. So I consulted basically everyone I know who has ever even heard of Bath and I asked them for recommendations, then, at the end, I settled for booking a table at the one place I’ve actually been before in Bath.

The safe choice, I think. And it was good. We’re going for tapas. I kind of sort of left it too late to book the table, so by the time I tried to book it online they were fully booked.

So, I phoned them up, complained that their website kept crashing every time I tried to book a table, and they took my booking anyway. Nailed it.

A while back I would’ve just accepted that I’d left the booking too late, but now apparently I’m the kind of guy who can blag his way into a table reservation.

Until tomorrow, let’s hope the food is good.


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