November 27th 2018

Today I made my final preparations for my sister’s wedding. And by that I mean I bought a tie. I technically bought two ties, actually. And two pocket squares. I had a bit of a mission to find a pocket square/tie combination that A) I liked and B) was the right colour. See, I’ve been instructed that my tie should match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses, so I took a little swath of fabric out with me and hunted for the things I needed.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-27 at 12.47.09

Finding the tie was easy enough, in fact I found it in the first place I went into. But that place, Hawes and Curtis, didn’t have a matching pocket square that I liked. So, I went tie-less to a different place, just in case they had a set that I liked. The next place, Suits Direct, had a suitable (ahem) pocket square, but it only came as part of a two-piece set with a tie. And I didn’t need the tie, I just needed the pocket square.

And so, I left there tie-less and square-less and headed into the next place: Next. (Obvious joke is obvious) They had neither ties nor pocket squares, so I went back to the second place and bought the pocket square that came with the tie I didn’t need, and then I went back to the first place, and bought the tie that I wanted in the first place.

On the way back to the office, my friend wanted to have a quick look in Ted Baker. As I walked in I joked “I hope they don’t have any nicer pocket squares in here” 

Naturally, they did. It was a better match, and a nicer design. And, naturally as it’s Ted Baker, it was more expensive than the one I’d bought that came with a tie. Fuck it.

I bought the £20 pocket square from Ted Baker, returned the set to Suits Direct (my third visit to the store that lunchbreak) and walked back to the office having somehow spent £60 on the trip. I mean, I’ll get £20 of that back when my refund comes through in 3-5 working days, but it was still a painful trip. It was a successful one too, mind you. I now have everything I need, outfit-wise, for my sister’s wedding.

Until tomorrow, now I just need to memorise the poem I’m reading out at the ceremony.




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