November 30th 2018

Today we had a final family dinner before my sister gets married on Sunday. Actually, I think we might be having an actual final dinner tomorrow night, so I guess this was just a rehearsal dinner. They have those at weddings, right? The girls are staying over at the venue tomorrow night, and me and dad might go along for a few hours just for the hell of it.

Tomorrow’s dinner might happen, but today’s dinner definitely happened. And it was good. We ordered Thai food. Specifically, pork penang, chicken pad thai, green chicken curry, and beef massaman. Oh, and crispy aromatic duck. Any meal that includes four types of meat is a winner in my books.

The other four clinked their champagne flutes together in a toast, and I raised my beer can, because my beer cans don’t really clink. After the rehearsal dinner, we sat and watched Father of the Bride together. I don’t remember ever seeing it, but apparently I have. It’s a very apt film to watch two days before a wedding, as you can imagine.

When the wedding part of the film happened, I was reminded that it’s my job to walk my Mum down the aisle, and that I’m reading a poem during the reception. At that point I remembered that I forgot to print out that poem while I was at work today, so I hope the vicar doesn’t mind me reading from my MacBook (that’s a joke, I’ll just use my phone).

To be honest, everyone seems pretty calm. Well, other than Mum. Mum’s freaking out about the wedding cake that she’s making, and Dad is freaking out because Mum is freaking out. I have not yet begun to freak out about the fact that I have to read a poem that I wrote in front of 130 strangers and, I guess, God himself. I guess my freakout is impending, so I’ll look forward to that.

So, thinking about it, it’s only really my sisters who are calm. And I guess that’s a good thing. I’m not entirely sure what the plan is tomorrow, but I’d guess that it would involve an early night.

Until tomorrow, Sunday is the big day.


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