December 1st 2018

Today we went to the venue to set some stuff up for my sister Genine’s wedding tomorrow. I think I speak for my entire family when I say “It really does not feel like my sister is getting married tomorrow”. Maybe it’s a quirk of it being so early into a new month. Yesterday you could say the wedding was still “next month”, but today you have to call it “tomorrow”.

And tomorrow is soon. I don’t think, sat around the table having dinner together, that any of us had really processed that it’s tomorrow. Certainly not Genine. Weirdly, I think Mum is the closest to realising the realism of the event (and by that I mean she cried).

One quirk of the event is that it’s also Genine’s 30th birthday tomorrow. So as well as being a pre-wedding dinner, tonight was a birthday celebration dinner.

Because we’re all going to be rather busy tomorrow, we gave Genine her presents tonight instead. Mum gave her the “Baby to Bride” scrapbook that she’s been working on all year, and Genine beamed as she turned each page. It was such a perfect memento, and I know it meant a lot to both Mum and Genine.

I got her earrings. Well, my other sister got her earrings from both of us.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I hope that it will run smoothly, and I’m confident that she’ll look amazing. I got a brief peak at the venue as we drove up to the outhouse where the Bridal party are staying tonight:- it’s amazing. The whole place is going to look fantastic, and it’s going to be so special.

Until tomorrow, it’s still just pretty surreal for all of us.


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