December 6th 2018

Today the Student Loan Company came chasing me again. They send me sporadic updates to let me know that I still owe them £45,000. Cheers for keeping in touch, guys. Always lovely to hear from you. Since I last heard from them, they’ve actually increased the minimum salary required to begin repayments, which on the surface sounds nice because my monthly contributions are now lower than they once were, but in reality what it means is that I’m barely even scraping the interest.

In fact, I just checked, and I’m not even scraping the interest. I’ve not got near it yet. So, my debt is increasing, even though I’m paying it off. Marvellous. Cheers guys. Thanks for the letter.

Honestly, as annoying as it sounds, I don’t care. I’ve said this before, but it doesn’t feel like real debt. If someone lends me a fiver to buy lunch that debt will be niggling in my mind all week until I pay it back. £45,000 in the red to buy myself a University degree though? Eh, I won’t think about it.

It would be nice if the amount I was repaying actually outweighed the amount I’m accruing in interest. Maybe I’ll get there one day.

Until tomorrow, it’s accrual world.


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