December 8th 2018

Today we went coffee shop hopping around Bath. We started the day with breakfast at Boston Tea Party (sweet corn and halloumi hash and a Big Boss breakfast to share), and then we scouted our Colonna and Small’s, a unique, artisanal coffee shop way out of the way.

Even though it was out of the way, it was absolutely packed. It’s an “if you know, you know” kind of place where you’d seek it out, not stumble across it. The windows are frosted and there isn’t even a sign on the outside. But it’s the best coffee in Bath.

Their menu is simple, yet complicated at the same time. You choose your coffee type: filter, or espresso, and then your type of press for the former (aero, Chemex, French) or type of milk for the latter (Cappucino, Latte, Flat White (my personal choice))

Then, you choose your beans, which range from fruity, foresty flavours to rich, chocolatey tones from all over the world. Personally, I’m a purist, and prefer natural, unflavoured coffee. In this case, that was the Ethiopian bean. Though I did try a fruity flavour, and I can kind of see the appeal.

Even though there was nowhere to sit, and the decor was scarce, it was my kind of coffee place. Because it’s just all about the coffee.

Until tomorrow, and that coffee was fantastic.


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