December 9th 2018

Today I got back from three days in Bath. I’ve basically done nothing but eat out and drink gin all weekend. The places we went for food/drink in the last few days include: Boston Tea Party, Amarone, The Ivy, Dyrham Park, Hai Na, Colonna & Smalls, King William, among others. My wallet hurts and so does my stomach.

We finished the weekend as one should finish any weekend: with a roast dinner. I’d usually choose to avoid beef, if given the option of Chicken, Pork, or Beef, but having seen how good it looked on the plate of the guy on the table next to us, I broke my unwritten, self-imposed rule and ordered the roast beef. And I’m glad I did. It was divine.

Somehow, after all of that, I was still hungry when I got home. So I cooked a vat of pasta. I guess the stomach is a muscle, after all, and since I’d spent all weekend stretching it, there was still room to fill when I got home haven not eaten in, I don’t know, an hour?

Also: gin. Apparently, I drink gin now. Other than the occasional beer (or cider when the restaurant wanted £13 for a pint of their only beer — no, really) I basically drank only gin and coffee this weekend. Having not long discovered that it’s the tonic part of a gin and tonic I dislike, I’ve begun experimenting with different types of gin. Usually, they end up fruity. Often, raspberry. We had cocktails at The Ivy and the highly helpful barman was proficient in finding me a suitable drink on a cocktail menu that made little sense to me. (Apparently, you can freely swap the rum for gin if you like the sound of a certain cocktail)

Overall, it was a very decadent weekend. And did I mention expensive? Also, whilst doing some sums I’ve just realised that we were definitely overcharged for the roast dinner today. Somebody remind me to phone the pub tomorrow and complain.

Until tomorrow, the roast was nice, but I’m not paying an extra £20 for it for the sake of it.


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