December 11th 2018

Today I ran for the first time in almost a month. Probably for the last time in a month, also. Not because it was bad, or unenjoyable, or difficult. I just seem to do it with increasing sporadicness and who wants to run over Christmas anyway? Not this guy.

To be fair, I did enjoy it. I was full of vigour and energy, and although it was hard work, I still had it in me to play football this evening. And I worked hard then too. The guys today on the run were complaining about how quickly they lose their fitness levels if they don’t run for a while, but for me, I don’t lose fitness I just lose interest.

Today’s run wasn’t harder than usual, it’s just harder to get motivated for it. I was kind of coerced into today’s run, though I do feel good for having gone. I was totally unprepared though, luckily I had some kit because I planned on going straight to football after work. I didn’t, however, have a towel, so I had to use an XXL company-branded t-shirt I found in the cupboard at work as a towel. It worked worse for me as a towel than it would an actual t-shirt.

I also didn’t bring shower gel, so I used handsoap instead. That’s like 99% chemically the same anyway, right?

Until tomorrow, I don’t know if I’ll run again this year.


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