December 12th 2018

Today I’m still figuring out what I want my new project to be. Depending on the regularity with which you read this blog, you may remember last week I spoke about how I’m itching to learn a new skill, or start a new project (https://jacn.co.uk/2018/12/06/make/). After I posted that blog I had a text from two separate friends (shoutout Aaron and Lawrence) who read the blog and suggested that the skill I should learn is how to play the piano.

The thing is, I’ve not got a musical bone in my body. But I’ve got lots of mathematical bones. And, I’m told, maths and piano are quite intrinsically linked. Apparently, and at this point I am not 100% clear why, being good at maths would give me an advantage in playing the piano.

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 22.02.37

Perhaps this is part of it, but one thing I am quite good at is memorising strings of numbers and, as it happens, strings of letters. I’m a whiz at Wifi passwords. Tell me your Wifi password once and I’ll never forget it. Though I could not for the life of me tell you what I had for dinner last night. That’s just how my brain works. It remembers sequences, and, from what I can tell, playing the piano is just remembering a sequence of letters.

Sure, there’s the actual playing the piano bit, but learning what buttons* to press and in which order is basically half of the battle, right?

*I am aware that they are not called buttons.

And so, I need a piano. Except they are fucking huge, and fucking expensive, so I’m going to borrow my Grandma’s keyboard instead. I do actually remember spending a not insignificant amount of my childhood tinkering around on that keyboard. Often sat next to my sisters, as I remember.

Grandma had a playbook (no idea if that’s the right word) full of songs and melodies, and I’d jab away at the keys in the order that the book told me to. To this day I can even remember one of them off the top of my head:


That’s Ode to Joy, if you were wondering.

And so, I think that’ll be it. That’ll be the thing I learn. Or, perhaps more likely, that’ll be the thing that I commit to learning and then inevitably give up because I can’t be arsed anymore.

Until tomorrow, and so it goes.


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