December 13th 2018

Today I have a horrible feeling that I’m going to wake up in the morning with the flu. I’ve been feeling rough all day, with a headache and a weird lump in my throat. Somehow, my hair hurts. If I run my hands through my hair, it hurts. Like the hair pulling on the follicles is banging on my skull, somehow.

Hopefully, I’m just being a drama queen (that’s usually not too far from the truth when I’m feeling like this) and I’ll wake up in the morning feeling fresh as a daisy — whatever that means.

It’s not been helped by the fact that I’ve eaten like shit today. I started the morning with a breakfast bap of sausage, bacon and egg. Usually that would be a good start to the day, but today it just made me feel like shit. And then the microwave meal I had for lunch probably didn’t help either. Note to self: if it takes six minutes to cook something in the microwave, then whatever it was in a sorry, sorry state to begin with.

To be fair, it was in a sorry state when it came out of the microwave as well.

Until tomorrow, I’m going to get an early night.


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