December 22nd 2018

Today I sat in the cold and watched Swindon Town play out a drab, dreary, uneventful goalless draw against Cheltenham at the County Ground.

I don’t go to many football matches, but because my group of friends are all home for Christmas, we thought it would be a good idea to go see a game together. We were wrong. It wasn’t a good idea. It cost £23 to watch League Two standard footballers playing for League Two teams play ninety minutes of the most League Two football you ever saw.

It was like watching tennis, if you replaced both player’s rackets with burly centre halves booting the ball back and forth to the opposite side of the half way line.

In tennis terms, this match was an endless deuce. And not even one where the players trade points and no one can find the winner. This was just a rally of two sides offering absolutely no offensive quality, kicking the ball repeatedly over the net (both the figurative tennis net in the middle, and the goals at either end).

And it was cold.

Until tomorrow, I couldn’t do that every week.


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