December 23rd 2018

Today I had an absolute barnstormer of a round of golf. It was so good that I’ve just used the word “barnstormer” for the first time in my life. As tends to happen with a good round of golf, there were two bad holes. Without those two bad holes it would have been an unbelievable round of golf.

Still, though. I don’t want to dwell on the bad, when the rest of it was so good. I am a reasonably good golfer, and I can have a good hole here or there, but today it was nice to put an entire decent round together.

It’s the first time I’ve felt it acceptable to “put my card in”, which is golf lingo for submitting your score to the club, for them to work out your handicap.

Getting an official handicap was kind of the reason why we joined this club in the first place. And I’m now one third of the way to that happening. You have to submit three scorecards before your handicap becomes official, and so far I’m on one. I’ve played there loads of times, but I deemed none of those cards “worthy” of submitting.

Picking and choosing which cards to submit may kind of defeat the point of the handicap though. Because it’s supposed to represent your average score, not the average score of the rounds that you choose to submit. Though I guess just don’t want them to see me put in a score of 25+ over, and think less of me. But I was proud to put in the 87 that I scored today.

Until tomorrow, two more rounds like that and I’ll have an official handicap.


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