December 24th 2018

Today, for the first time in my entire life, I went out on the piss for Christmas Eve. I’d like the record to show that it wasn’t my idea, it was my Mum’s. About three o’clock in the afternoon she suggested that I should go out for Christmas Eve, and it wasn’t anything I’d ever contemplated before.

So, I sent a text around the various group chats and found something to do. I ended up at a pub in Purton, downing drinks I was uncomfortable with, and feeling worse than I planned.

Time will show if how I feel tomorrow will affect how I feel today, or the other way around, at this point I’m still unsure, but right now it feels mental to be drunk on Christmas Morning. Because that’s effectively what this is.

PS. You have no idea how careful my typing has had to be to get this to all be spelt perfectly. It has literally taken me half an hour.

Until tomorrow, it was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank.


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