December 27th 2018

Today I both woke up hungover and went to bed drunk. That’s apparently just a thing that I do now — and not a particularly healthy thing, at that.

However, it’s Christmas, innit. Christmas is full of reasons to get absolutely plastered every night, as I seem to have done for the last four nights in a row, and for six of the last seven nights. (Shoutout Sunday 23rd for being a casual one)

Tonight was not a night that I planned on getting drunk, but I went round a friend’s house to play board games and then we went to the pub and I haven’t eaten anything since 11am and whoops, here we are, and it’s almost 2am the next day.

As it turns out, I am awful at Cards Against Humanity but a God at Articulate. And then there was Strongbow Cloudy Apple.

Until tomorrow, “Be careful, that’s strong,” she said, and we’ve echoed her ever since.


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