December 29th 2018

Today I had a much needed and well-deserved day in bed. The Christmas period has been a busy one for me, and I’ve spent most of it either drunk or hungover. Today I was neither, thankfully, because tomorrow I’m off to London for a few days to celebrate New Year, so the drunkenness and hangovers will return.

Even though I’ve been crying out for a day of rest, it was mainly boring, and I felt like I’d wasted a valuable holiday day. I just watched a lot of Netflix and ate a lot of food. The latter has been quite the trend of this holiday season. For lunch today I had my fourth and final roast dinner of the week, and with that the leftovers are now completely exhausted.

Despite my regret for what feels on the surface like a wasted day, I know that I’ll be thankful for my decision tomorrow. I’m getting the bus to London at midday, and won’t be back until some point on New Year’s Day.

Until tomorrow, today I rested.



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