December 30th 2018

Today we treated ourself to a fancyish dinner. We’ve had London for New Years planned for a while, but just last week we agreed on where we would go for dinner tonight. We’d made a poll in the group chat, and Josh completely ignored it and booked his own thing.

But he did a good job, to be fair. We went to Benihana, which at least half of us were unsure about (the other two of our four). Benihana is one of those Asian cuisine places where the chef cooks the food in front of you.

Because it’s a one off, I went big. I ordered a chateaubriand steak. Don’t ask me how much it was, because I’m trying not to remember.

Each meal came with a load of side orders and starters, including salad, rice, bean sprouts and shallots. The shallots were really good. I can’t believe I just said that.

Every part of the meal was ridiculously good, to be fair. But the main part of it is the fact that it’s not just food, it’s performance art.

It’s edible entertainment. And it’s fucking beautiful.

Until tomorrow, I will be going back there.


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